Face Serum

for All Facial Skin Types

Light, fast-absorbing facial skin and neck serum, for all skin types. Provides long lasting moisture leaving the skin flexible, moisturized, fresh and with a pleasant fragrance. Suitable for use as an alternative or in addition to creams or lotions and as a base for makeup.

The cream contains Hyaluronic acid that helps in moisture retention and Enriched with the power of Jojoba and Chia seeds to maintain skin moisture and vitality due to high concentration of Jojoba oil, rich in vitamin E, known to improve skin texture and flexibility and concentrated Chia seed extract high in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and antioxidants that help protect the skin against environmental stressors while infusing hydration and nourishment. The combination of these ingredients offers a mix of hydration, nutrients and antioxidants.

Nature Nut Serum nourishes the facial skin, restores the skin's elasticity, protects it from climate damage, contributes to a fresh and radiant look, and improves skin texture.

Directions: Apply serum to clean face until perfect skin absorption.

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